Local Buzz : Nine Circles : Morristown, NJ

On New Year’s Day, I went on a family outing to the Halestorm show at Wellmont Theatre (yes, that’s right, my entire family’s veins run red with rock ‘n’ roll!) and I had the pleasure of seeing this fantastic local band perform. Approaching the stage in their plaid shirts and the singer sporting a fancy scarf, I was immediately intrigued by what kind of sound would follow. 

With a mix of an alternative and pop rock sound, these guys put on a great show. Their sound was clean. Finally, a band where every instrument isn’t ending up in a mish-mosh of noise. And even though we may not have known the words, we were all bobbing our heads, tapping our feet, and swaying our hips without having to think twice about it!

But of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. With the wonders of the internet, you can check it out for yourself here: nine-circles.com. Their newest album, Moons Away, is for sale on bandcamp for only $5!

That’s all for today! And don’t forget, support your local buzz!

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